PLANLOFT Articles & Other NewsHomeUpdated 2015-04-08PLANLOFT Articles & Other News PLANLOFT is extensively involved in finding viable approaches to reference data <> definition, deployment, and adoption. These articles address business analysis, semantic web and data modeling as it relates to reference data. Data Model Discovery Data Model Discovery is an essential part of reference data adoption and other information interoperability efforts, especially under strong configuration management conditions. PLANLOFT Schema — Alpha Release Announcement PLANLOFT Schema is a web browser application that edits and shares ORM (Object Role Modeling) diagrams. It was released 2015-02-16 in alpha form for free use and experimentation on our cloud-based infrastructure. Planning Guide for Reference Data Adoption A short planning guide to help engineering-centric industry better adopt reference data. Reference Data Collaboration and Alternatives Large scale reference data standardization is best supported through collaborative means. This article discusses why by comparing against alternatives and sketching the main elements of a solution. Investment by Capital Projects in Reference Data Analogues This article estimates the current investment in reference data analogues by engineering-centric industrial capital projects at 0.002% of total expenditure, and briefly explores the waste and limitations of current approaches. The Cost of Creating Standard Reference Data Producing large, internally consistent, cross-disciplinary reference data sets has a very high cost — higher than most people would expect. This article explores why, as a preface to how to solve problems relating to that cost. ©2014-2015 PLANLOFT registerPopups(new Array(), document.documentElement, "span", "explanation");